We were all little once.

We lived to dress up.

It’s something we seem to lose a knack for as we grow up.


Our children need no excuse to dress up. Everyday of their lives is fresh, exciting and precious.

What they choose to wear each day is their costume, their disguise and their expression.

Wrapped in the sweetest threads, I watch my two little girls write their own fairytales.


Nothing I create ever survives the rounds of the design process if Olivia & Goldie don’t adore it.

And I know the garments lucky enough to last through their reckless adventures are as childproof as mere threads can bear…

It’s the joy and freedom of childhood that Pure Cute clothing evokes. It’s my wish to create clothing that inspires our children to play, to dream and to be wild.


Our collection is lovingly handcrafted to help them on their adventures.

Each piece is made from the highest quality fabrics and is exquisitely finished in our Spring Hill studio.


I’ve been creating our girls’ ready-to-wear collections and designing bespoke orders since we started our little family four years ago.


I learnt to sew so I could make my first daughter beautiful bedsheets…

… and four years later I sew what she dreams into precious pieces that transform everyday play into something magical.


Life is a fairytale. So is the dress code.

Jem, Livie & Goldie