About Us

Together with her tiny daughters, designer Jem Morgan created the children’s clothing label Pure Cute. Her dream – to create beautiful clothing for everyday fairytales.

Every day of our children’s lives is an adventure, and dressing them for this is a shared bit of magic each morning. What they choose to wear each day is their costume, their disguise and their expression.

The sustainability of children’s fashion is central to our design process. Each Pure Cute garment is created by hand from exquisite quality fabrics in our Spring Hill studio.

We emphasise comfort and elegance in our designs, and embrace natural fibres in the fabrics we select for our clothing. Our pieces are carefully designed to accommodate their growing bodies & active lifestyles.

Our wish is to create pieces that are a joy to wear and breathtaking to behold. We believe in creating garments that survive their first owner, to be loved and passed down through siblings and family.

Our signature style retains classic and natural lines, so each piece keeps it’s unique beauty as time passes.

It’s the joy and freedom of childhood that Pure Cute clothing evokes – clothing that inspires our children to play, to dream and to be wild.


Life is a fairytale. So is the dress code.

Jem, Livie & Goldie